January 2009!

First of all, a happy new year to all! Belated wishes! Beze sa. En an fini passer….

34 deg. And the temp is still not decreasing. Think need to put a hamac and sleep on it. The mattress is too hot even after airing. It is only at three in the morning that the temp is reasonable. But then four hours sleep is not enough. No wonder, i am feeling drowsy afterwards. It did rain a few days back but as soon as the rays hit the ground, back to square one.

On a different note, the police acquired three mobile radars lately to track speed lovers. In less than 6 days, 350 vehicles (according to MBC news!)  have been flashed. However there have been reports that the fotos of contract vehicles and motorcycles equipped with flashy plate numbers are printed blurred.

Most private companies will resume their activities on the 7th although some will be 9th. Public companies and govt sector will resume on Monday. Schools will resume on the 12th. However form 1 and standard one students will take the classroom classes on the 9th. Before we took our annual leave last year, the boss did mention of the economic crisis and added that next year (that is 2009) will be very difficult. I shall update on the actions he will be taking, probably downsizing again, but the personnel is already a strict minimum. Oh well nice resumption to all! And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

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  1. tilai says:

    Bonne annee. Arrete plaigner, mo p travail zordi, grand dimanche. Yep, mo ti p lir dan l’express (mo croire) ki fine flash bien bcp loto. Bez sa … moi ki content roule la haut 90km/hr dans ban place retirer …. Mo croire bizin al rode plaque psychadelique meter alors.

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