Palabrons un peu!

Once again, today I will report on what happened at my workplace. Since yesterday the wife did not appear to be much concentrated in her work. Did not know what happened till today at 1630 hours. Today morning she blamed me for not reminding her that yesterday was due date to pay telecom bills. I replied that a colleague of mine reminded her to pay the bills and that she mentioned she would be doing so in the afternoon. She added that she had to see a sick person.

There is a big flaw in her reasoning. If she knew she had to see that person, she had to be better organised. Well i guess that is called nepotism. And nepotism is to be indulged in the affairs of her in laws without having to care for the affairs of the company. She said that since two days, ” so la tete extra fatiguer”. Her sister’s in law is sick. When i queried what the inlaw in suffering from, she replied “aio mo la tete extra fatiguer” without detailing the ailment of her inlaw. Don’t blame me for being so insensitive but if someone else is in her place, that person would be called by the boss and asked to solve the personal problem before turning up for work. That’s the way things are done in this company, and once again hurray for nepotism!!!

5 Responses to “Palabrons un peu!”

  1. Shah says:

    ROFLMAO! Another proof that nepotism is an unavoidable ill.
    Is paying a monthly bill such hassle? Do you actually go to the office of your Telco to get the bill paid?

  2. tilai says:

    to pa p comprend, ena affaire p derouler la … akoz sa mem li pa kapav donne toi details 😉

    (Just kidding, no idea why she didn’t mention the details)

  3. tapijo says:

    @ shah,
    yep we do go to the telco to pay the bill. No, for me paying the bill is not a hassle. For her i dunot know.

    Sa ki mo compran c ki bo pere la in gagne caillou disang dan la tete depi septembre ec aster la li p gagne convulsion.

  4. Shah says:

    i’m sorry 🙁
    did he consider having surgery?
    i wish him to recover if not lead a good remainder of his life.

  5. tapijo says:

    From what i heard, his family wanted to send him to Singapore for treatment. He was admitted to ICU unit at hopital Le Nord, and from info aged 0900hrs 261108, he was feeling better. But when the hospital personnel learned abt the intention for abroad treatment, they discontinued the treatment. That was what i heard and remain to be confirm. His son returned from Canada and thereon a decision has to be taken.

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