New electricity tariffs!

This time i could not help but voice out my frustration to the new (and undoubtedly) higher price of electricity which us the end users (that is residential users) need to pay to the CEB.  The article which can be found here suggests means and measures to decrease energy consumption during peak hours. May I make an appeal to the CEB what should the government decrease substantially the tax on solar equipments and accessories we would be glad to bypass the electricity you gratefuly supply to us. Why is that it is us the end users who need to put our hands in our pocket?? Does that mean that from 0800 hrs to 1829hrs, there is no peak in energy usage? Industries use much more energy than us residential users. Do not tell me that during gthe 2 hours, energy consumption by residential users is much more higher that during the 10 hour time slot. If there is strain on the CEB network, then it better reviews its infrastructure so as to accommodate the ever increasing population. And Maurtius is dreaming of 3 millions tourists, with the archaical network of water and energy distribution??? LOL!!!

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