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Revised price of petroleum!

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Just learned that price of diesel, petrol and heavy oil have been revised to become 20% and 15% cheaper respectively. The price reduction has been effected after the urge of the Minister of Finance to economic operators to follow the trend of petroleum prices on the world market. The plea for price reduction has also been aired to members of the chamber of commerce with respect to the basic commodities. The Minister intends to reduce the inflation rate to one digit ratio. The Bank of Mauritius has also revised its repo rate by 0.50% downwards.

Thus as from tomorrow Saturday 1st November 2008, the price of diesel, petrol and heavy oil will be as follows per litre:

Diesel to become MUR 41.00 instead of MUR 51.20 (decrease of 19.92%)

Pertrol to become MUR 39.80 instead of MUR 46.80(decrease of 14.95%)

Heavy oil to become MUR 16.13 insteadof MUR 18.97  (decreaseof 15%)

Summer times

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Since Sunday, we shifted our clock one hour in advance (summer time).  But since Monday, i have a feeling of lethargy and my eating habit has been disturbed too. Although there are no major problems in waking in the morning, I do feel sleepy and tired afterwards as if I had not made my 8 hours sleep. When it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, same fate. Do not eat well or no appetite at all. Sounds like i shifted to another country with totally different time slot. Ah well, hope to get accustomed. Have till March 2009 to get accustomed and afterwards rehave to adjust again!!!

No ringtones!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Since Saturday, our PABX line went dead. We could neither make or receive calls.  We did not bother and thought it would be only temporary. On Monday, same scenario. I decided to phone Mauritius Telecom on 8900. The operator took my contact info and I insisted that a technician be sent as soon as possible. The operator replied that a team will be sent on site should they be around. Later i noticed that ADSL line too was dead. This time i phoned 8902. Here again the opeator took my contact info and same rhetoric when i insisted that mails exchanges can not be made and we needed to send or receive faxes.

The boss’ wife came into play and called X, Y, Z to phone MT to enquire and send technicians as soon as possible. Finally, she talked to one of our managers who happens to know someone at MT. Soon after the contact came and checked all our phone lines. He called MT and it was then that we came to know that a nervous system at Coromandel went down and it was the reason for the faults.

Day 2-Today. Still no ring tones. The wife again called the manager. He replied to her that the fault was common to all locations in Coromandel. Later surprise! MT technicians were around. They were very caring and asked about locations of central exchange box. It was in the afternoon that i knew (through the wife) that the manager after consultation with the boss promised the technicians a reward if they could solve the problem very quickly. No comments!!!


Friday, October 3rd, 2008

The APM committee met on Thursday to decide on the price of petrol and diesel for the next 4 months. Much to our expectations, following the curbing of petrol prices on the world market, the price of petrol met a 5% decrease to become MUR 46.80 instead of MUR49.50 per litre. Heavy oil rose from MUR 15.8117 to MUR 18.97  while diesel suffered a maximum increase of 20%. The new price as from Thursday midnight was MUR 51.20 Now more than ever, companies are complaining about the bitter increase and as usual, it is expected that price of bus fare, bread and other local commodities too will increase. Once again the Mauritian population will suffer in silence.