Printing for dummies!

It was so funny what happened today. The boss’ wife could not get a printout from her newly bought desk jet. She has been planning her sister’s wedding since one month and it is now that she is printing menu cards or programme 4 days prior to the great day. Since she could not print from her printer, she sent the job to my printer. The hardcopy was pale. She used to print her son’s colloriage and puzzle games, and wedding gowns pictures on my printer. No surprise the toner got low. She asked me to change the toner, to which i replied i do not have a new one. I urged her to get  a technician to solve her printing problem.

The technician could not make it and she again called me to the rescue. I responded annoyed since i got loads of work to do, and so reluctantly asked for the printer manual, checked the ink cartridge, switched on and off the printer, and finally got to the printer manager to kill all pending print jobs. I finally called a test page. Great was my surprise to see that the printer cable was not connected to her laptop!!! When i made the remark to her, she replied who disconnected the cable. Her brother was there and he replied who else other than her could disconnect the cable when she brought the laptop back home.

Oh dear! Ki mon faire pou merite sa??? Si li ti blonde mo ti pou compran, enfin ena exception.

5 Responses to “Printing for dummies!”

  1. tilai says:

    To techinicien oussi ene plouc alors 😛

  2. tapijo says:

    Technicien la pa ti vini.

  3. Daks says:

    lol too funny 🙂
    hope she doesnt read ur blog 😛

  4. Pooja says:

    Hilarious! Tipik femme du patron ki penser ki li tro intelligente(!!) pu coner couma en printer marcher!

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