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Typical saturday!

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

From what I read on the blog tracker much has been said about the Beijing Olympics games 2008. Will not talk about it since did not watch the show as returned quite late on that ‘auspicious day’. Had to input nth transactions as acquired new software as old one no longer reliable. Back and hand ache. Had to acquire new PC. The bright side is that there is a 17 inch LCD on my office table. Intended date to go live is end of month if everything goes smoothly. So in the meantime no statement sent to debtors and no report to management.

At twelve, shut down computer as no longer able to input. Decided to visit infotech salon with a colleague. Did not plan to do so but since we were around he agreed to go there.  The stand which attracted our attention was Pascal Computer’s with its Asus motherboard, its huge fan in its transparent minitower casing. After strolling around the salon for about 20 mins we decided to leave as nothing interesting popped up. As usual took a nap once home and woke up 2 hours later looking for food as did not lunched.  Decided to bake cake. So took out butter, eggs, sugar, baking flour, and  mixed all of them and everything in the oven. So after a hard day work, au dodo. Ouch! My neck and back still ache.