Ham Choy!

Think i have become quite nostalgic about food prepared by old people. When i came to think about it, young people like me know little about the preparation of recipes held by old persons. When my aunt came to pass away, i could not help a selfish thought that i would no longer taste such and such delicacies and food. This season is auspicious for the preparation of bottled ham choy and dried ham choy.

imgp0373.jpgThese delicacies take a long time to prepare.Must dry in the sun, salt them, then steam, re dry again for umpteen days until dried. Then store in cool dry place. With the hectic life we are living, even with the knowledge gathered, such recipes will definitely be lost. There is a difference when a mentor is behind you. Even during exams a mentor makes a difference. S/he will correct your mistakes when you made them. So you know when you make them and not redo again.  I am talking about one among the many recipes upheld by old persons which we young people have taken for granted when we were still kids and when our parents were teaching us but too young to remember.

Even then our parents would not let us ‘met la pain a la pate’. We would just stand back and watch as idled spectators.

5 Responses to “Ham Choy!”

  1. tilai says:

    Haha, rougaille meme mo nepli conne faire, pa bizin koz ham choy. Apres 5-6 cuisson, aster la mo rougaille sorte depuis “mari degeu” pou vine “ene ti peu mangeable” 😀

    Ouais, kan mo ti tipti mo ti habitier pran hamchoy fonce dans bouteille. Ti mari fun sa. Aster la nous nek acheter ready-made. 🙁

  2. tapijo says:

    Yep mo osi mo rapel, ti maru fun pou met dan bouteille. Eta ki to meter dan to rougaille coume sa? Water color?? 🙂

  3. Patrick Ng says:

    Mmm…mo rougaille pas mal.

    Kot mo été dans Canada, bien difficile pou gagne amchoy. Donc à chaque ki mo alle Maurice, mo amene ene ti p.

  4. tapijo says:

    It’s not true then to say that in Canada gagne tou kitchose alors??

  5. Patrick Ng says:

    Oui et non. Dans Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver gagne tout. Mo reste dans ene ti la ville ki appelle Kitchener (200,000 habitants) avec ene gros héritage allemand. Produits allemands facile gagner.


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