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Ham Choy!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Think i have become quite nostalgic about food prepared by old people. When i came to think about it, young people like me know little about the preparation of recipes held by old persons. When my aunt came to pass away, i could not help a selfish thought that i would no longer taste such and such delicacies and food. This season is auspicious for the preparation of bottled ham choy and dried ham choy.

imgp0373.jpgThese delicacies take a long time to prepare.Must dry in the sun, salt them, then steam, re dry again for umpteen days until dried. Then store in cool dry place. With the hectic life we are living, even with the knowledge gathered, such recipes will definitely be lost. There is a difference when a mentor is behind you. Even during exams a mentor makes a difference. S/he will correct your mistakes when you made them. So you know when you make them and not redo again.  I am talking about one among the many recipes upheld by old persons which we young people have taken for granted when we were still kids and when our parents were teaching us but too young to remember.

Even then our parents would not let us ‘met la pain a la pate’. We would just stand back and watch as idled spectators.

Another out!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Another employee has been sacked on Friday, on the grounds of prolonged absenteeism.  But we all know that it is in the process of downsizing that employees are being made redundant.  Those in service for less than one year are top in the list, since there is nothing more to pay than the 2 weeks salary.

On Tuesday, upon advice of a labour consultant, the boss talked with the employee and notified him of prolonged absenteeism and irregular performance at work. Then he informed him verbally and through a letter that on Friday he had to appear before a disciplinary committee who will decide on his future employability at the company. We all know that the boss’ mind has already been made up and this was all administrative procedures and paper works. So on Friday after being heard by the committee, he was given his termination of employment letter together with his exgratia payment with immediate effect.

When we discussed among ourselves the reason behind  such tactics, we learned that the boss has become nostalgic about his beginning in the business. There were fewer employees but money was overflowing the drawers-‘pa conner kot casse p sorti’. On the other hand there is a contraction in business activities also. Many companies like textile companies are closing their doors.  Sales has also been sluggish. In the event of failing to meet target, i was told that there would be further redundancies. Unbelievable!! I think that in the end the company would be run by the boss and his wife…  O moins la pa bisin paye salaire 🙂