Compensation salariale!

The National pay council has recommended a national compensation varying between Rs 283 and Rs 400  for the year 2008-09. The National parliament has validated this recommendation and thus this increase will become effective as from the next budget. Below is a comparison between last year’s compensation and this year’s.

2008-09          2007-08

0-3,500            283                   260

3.501-6500    300                    300

6,501-8,000    350                   350

> 8,000            400                    400

As a result of this recommendation, the 11 federation of workers syndicates are threatening a protest demonstration in Port Louis unless the government revise the figures upwards.

Last year it was up to the employer to increase the compensation based on their financial performance.Thus the tourism sector played the game by increasing the wages of their employees by more than the recommended figure.

2 Responses to “Compensation salariale!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    MY rather weak, and possibly flawed, understanding of the National Pay Council is that it replaces the Pay Research Bureau in recommending the government in matters concerning remuneration. In turn, these recommendations may be adopted by the private sector for their own strategies for pay.

    Are you able to share how these recommendations are useful to your company?


  2. tapijo says:

    These recommendations are both useful for the public and private sector as well as it indicates to the workers how much minimum increase they are entitled to. Public sector workers will be given this increase period. On the other hand, private sector at their discretion can offer much more.
    Same apply to me. If a worker follows what the boss says, s/he might be entitled to that discretionary increase otherwise minimum increase..

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