Re: water!

While watching the news recently, the speakerine mentioned that the main reservoir of the island is only 60% of its capacity, while at this period of time, it should be around 84%. When interviewed, the chairman of the CWA commented that we did not receive enough rain to fill in the main reservoir. That is all bullshit!! How could we not receive enough rain when there were floods in certain places of the island?  In the meantime, some regions of the upper Plaine Wilhems are facing water cuts. When will Mauritius not face water shortages when paradoxically we are surrounded by water? Could we sustain the targeted 3 million tourists with our actual water network and other public networks? Talks are beautiful but concerted actions between the various ministries are better.

5 Responses to “Re: water!”

  1. Roushdat says:

    sel solution: desalination!

  2. tapijo says:

    Li ene parmi ban solution. Eski ban mauricien pu accepter paye casse en plis pu gagne dilo dessaline? Ki zot penser?

  3. Roushdat says:

    si arriver que pena delo dou asser…dimoune pou obliger payer…and seki pou cav afford, zot boire delo importer lerla…

  4. tapijo says:

    Et pa bisin dire kan zot fine cose desalination, CWA pa ti trop keen pu alle de lavant. Secter priver ki pou commence implement systeme avec concept integrated resort scheme la. Enfin la osi c parole. Eski realiter desalination exister mce? Mo pa fine tander..

  5. Reena DKL says:

    You just have to check my blog to get the answers..

    Though they have “solved” the problem near my house, I still wonder what happens in places where there is no one to give them a call….


    In Mauritius, mauriciens are the outsiders, tourists get whatever they wish for, WATER 24/24hr – BEACH ( where hotel security guards look at you like you are some filthy s*&%t out of the gutters, so you cannot approach the “hotels beach area” nor swim where they put balloons for the restricted tourist area…)

    Am getting out of subject, but yeah, these are facts nevertheless… 🙁

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