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Compensation salariale!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

The National pay council has recommended a national compensation varying between Rs 283 and Rs 400  for the year 2008-09. The National parliament has validated this recommendation and thus this increase will become effective as from the next budget. Below is a comparison between last year’s compensation and this year’s.

2008-09          2007-08

0-3,500            283                   260

3.501-6500    300                    300

6,501-8,000    350                   350

> 8,000            400                    400

As a result of this recommendation, the 11 federation of workers syndicates are threatening a protest demonstration in Port Louis unless the government revise the figures upwards.

Last year it was up to the employer to increase the compensation based on their financial performance.Thus the tourism sector played the game by increasing the wages of their employees by more than the recommended figure.

Whining population!

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Mauritius is perhaps one of the rarest country where each time a major decision is made, a section of the population has to whine. The case of the flash flood in March demonstrates the fact. On Wednesday, when the meteorological station issued flash flood and electric storms warnings and the decision to close schools  earlier, here again the decision has been criticized widely. Why do we have to close schools when it is raining heavily? – one would comment.  I’m sure if schools did not  release students back home, reGokhool saga again. Forecasts have been glim during the weekend.Indeed it should be raining till Wednesday but with lower intensity. On Monday morning, it was shining. Where are the showers foreacasts have predicted? It then rained heavily by the time it was afternoon for at least 2 hours and by the end of the afternoon, it stopped. The radio broadcast there would be a temporal calm and mention was made that all our reservoirs are full. Mare aux Vacoas is at 80% of its capacity. More news on the 1930hrs hopefully.

Re: water!

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

While watching the news recently, the speakerine mentioned that the main reservoir of the island is only 60% of its capacity, while at this period of time, it should be around 84%. When interviewed, the chairman of the CWA commented that we did not receive enough rain to fill in the main reservoir. That is all bullshit!! How could we not receive enough rain when there were floods in certain places of the island?  In the meantime, some regions of the upper Plaine Wilhems are facing water cuts. When will Mauritius not face water shortages when paradoxically we are surrounded by water? Could we sustain the targeted 3 million tourists with our actual water network and other public networks? Talks are beautiful but concerted actions between the various ministries are better.