Food crisis?

It seems that not only Mauritius is being affected by rising prices of basic commodities. Consumer groups in Europe have gathered themselves on streets to protest against the ever rising prices of rice, wheat, flour to name a few. Even in Italy there has been a one day boycott on pasta. In Bangladesh, surprisingly, rice is being rationed.  People were queuing since early morning to buy five kilo of rice, their staple food. India has even stopped exporting rice preferring to cope with the local demand but this effort is being undermined by shortages in supply.  Food price crisis is going global. According to the BBC, researchers at the IRRI need to be thinking of a way to boost yield on ever decreasing acres of land under agriculture.

The recent rain pour did not do much to alleviate the household’s baskets. Most vegetables were affected by the flooding and if one is lucky to find some on display at the market, his wallet needs to be well stuffed. So for the time being better turn to canned food, hoping that brighter days are only some days away…  Too optimist or naive??

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