Hurray for fresh blood!

Following the resignation of the receptionist two weeks back, they were quick to enrol another. This time, the new recruit(let’s call her “M”) boldly informed the boss and his wife about the heat and sunshine. They quickly replied that they would be fixing a film on the ceiling. Time knows when this will done. In the meantime, my assistant asked for a fortnight leave. So i am left alone. The boss wanted M to assist me but i declined this invitation as it would imply re-explaining and re-supervising which would involve much more time than if i were to be doing the job.

Much to my dismay, M is new to the world of work, freshly left academics. When the boss told me that M knows about word processing and spreadsheet(may be she told him that during the interview) my first thought was that she knew the basics. First of all, she did not know how to save, nor about cells formatting. Poor me!!! Needless to say, in the meantime the boss wanted such and such reports, which i am taking time to produce. My first thought was to give such tasks to M. It was not a complicated task. She just had to input monthly data on a spreadsheet.  I overestimated her. When i sample checked some data, i simply did not understand where the figures came from. So she reworked the sheet …four times, over two days. The problem  is not that she took two days to do the report, it was the number of times she had to redo the work. When i commented, she replied that it was her first time working on a workstation, and that the assignment i gave her was not simple… I refrained from bursting into anger and instead told her that it was a simple matter of checking whether the input were as the paper. This was the first and last time, i gave her to type a report for me. All assignments would be filing and dummy works. Now i really hope that she is filing correctly. I really do not have time to check her work over and over.  So that was my work load over the past weeks.  Still not yet over, and still not over the reports the boss is asking.

3 Responses to “Hurray for fresh blood!”

  1. Roushdat says:

    lol…coment line gagne travail sa hein? li p bribe boss par hazard?

  2. tapijo says:

    Oh dear! Sometimes i really wonder how he goes abt the enrolment process…

  3. morinn says:

    Oh my God! That’s inefficiency at its highest. I suppose she might have been the only one to have applied for that job. Or perhaps the others who applied for it were worst than her? I shudder at the thought.

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