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Wet Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Wet Wednesday! Not soaked but my office would be stinking tomorrow. This happens when there is heavy rainfalls and water would sneak into the walls and the rest is history.

Early afternoon, the meteorological station issued a torrential rain warning, which implied that schools were requested to let their students go home. Same goes for  tertiary sector. Public sector employees were invited to leave before 1600 hrs so as to avoid the usual bottlenecks. At some point in time, there was a rumour in the office that buses would cease to operate at 1500 hrs but i guess this was only an excuse for early leaving.

When i was about to leave at 1630hrs, a colleague told me to take a look at GRNW river. He said that he had never witnessed the spectacle before. So when going over the bridge, i just glanced over. The sight was indeed breathtaking. The river had over flooded its bed and the millions of tons of mud water were rampaging the metallic structure of the bridge. On its pavement, people were gathering trying to take a look at the level of the river. Needless to say the couple of habitats which were built near the bed were completely devastated. Hoping that the 1930 news would diffuse this event, i went on my way and was later disillusioned. But nonetheless, there were other places where river beds had been over flooded and tons of liters of mud waters either obstructed roads or carried lives and even claimed them as had been the case of a 13 year old student whose body had been later found together with a 50 year old woman.

Ex-Lola did bring us plenty of water but paradoxically the main reservoir is still 70% full, while others are near full. There was even an article in the morning press in which a hydrological expert stated that there were signs of water leakages on the walls of the reservoir.The 1930 news interview of the minister of public utilities denied such allegations and had condemned such misleading reporting.

Weather forecast for the evening and tomorrow: rays for the north and west, but still bad news for the east, south and central plateau. But weather is expected to become fairer as ex lola continue to leave our region.

40 years ago!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Today while reading yesterday’s paper, i came across an article on the success of a familial company. This company came into existence 40 years back when the founder tried to introduce he first locally made toothpaste. Blendax was then made known to the public. 4o years later, the brand is still going strong. When i read the article, i could not help remembering its advert. It was in the late 80s or early 90s. A woman and a man, one always on a bike. There was eye contact and then there was star coming out of the mouth of either the man or woman. The ad would end with an off-voice. Don’t remember it well. The strikingly white teeth of the protagonists impacted on me as i urged my parents to purchase the paste. I would vigorously brushed my teeth so that eventually they would turn brand white. Needless to say, nothing happened. At that age, was complete fool and gullible to everything adults would say. Like a tree would grow on the head if you happened to swallow a grain fruit. Souvenir souvenir!!! BTW, happy celebrations Mauritius!

Hurray for fresh blood!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Following the resignation of the receptionist two weeks back, they were quick to enrol another. This time, the new recruit(let’s call her “M”) boldly informed the boss and his wife about the heat and sunshine. They quickly replied that they would be fixing a film on the ceiling. Time knows when this will done. In the meantime, my assistant asked for a fortnight leave. So i am left alone. The boss wanted M to assist me but i declined this invitation as it would imply re-explaining and re-supervising which would involve much more time than if i were to be doing the job.

Much to my dismay, M is new to the world of work, freshly left academics. When the boss told me that M knows about word processing and spreadsheet(may be she told him that during the interview) my first thought was that she knew the basics. First of all, she did not know how to save, nor about cells formatting. Poor me!!! Needless to say, in the meantime the boss wanted such and such reports, which i am taking time to produce. My first thought was to give such tasks to M. It was not a complicated task. She just had to input monthly data on a spreadsheet.  I overestimated her. When i sample checked some data, i simply did not understand where the figures came from. So she reworked the sheet …four times, over two days. The problem  is not that she took two days to do the report, it was the number of times she had to redo the work. When i commented, she replied that it was her first time working on a workstation, and that the assignment i gave her was not simple… I refrained from bursting into anger and instead told her that it was a simple matter of checking whether the input were as the paper. This was the first and last time, i gave her to type a report for me. All assignments would be filing and dummy works. Now i really hope that she is filing correctly. I really do not have time to check her work over and over.  So that was my work load over the past weeks.  Still not yet over, and still not over the reports the boss is asking.