Heat wave in the office!

Not deviating from the usual posts, I have decided to write about my place of work. This time, instead of relating things that happened to me, i will be writing about the series of unfortunate events befalling a colleague.

Everything was going fine, until the day the boss’ son in law found a diskette containing the receptionist’s CV. Needless to say, the sister took knowledge of the fact, and thereafter thought that the receptionist is going to leave. The fission process  started. There was a series of remarks made on the receptionist. The funniest things about those remarks is that they were not directly made to her but through x, y, z.  When the receptionist knew of those remarks, she did not pay any slightest attention.

Yesterday was the drop which overflowed the vase. The boss’ wife barged into my office and told me that the receptionist is not doing her job properly. She was working on payroll and found out while checking the attendance book that some workers did not fill in their time slots.   The receptionist was supposed to check the attendance book to make sure that all workers filled in the slot, according to her.

The grapevine starts now. The wife phoned me later in the morning to tell me to inform the receptionist that his husband is not happy with the way things are going. Since she told me to inform the receptionist, i reported that to her. The receptionist in turn told me to inform the wife that ‘she was only helping out and if she were to do the attendance thing, her salary will have to be raised’. I communicated the reply to the wife. Upon hearing, she was shocked and dazzled. She then stormed into her husband’s office and later on, the receptionist was called into the boss’s office. We could hear loud shouts and talks. Each was replying to each other.

In the end, it was decided between the two parties that the receptionist would be tendering phone calls and checking on attendance. Later on when i queried about what was said in the boss’s office, the receptionist said that she vomited every qualms and problems she encountered during work including the heat and sunshine.  For the heat, the boss bought a stand fan (a poor palliative when considering the structure of the office), and as for the sunshine, he told her to move away from the hub. Again not a solution since between the two hubs there is a pole.  Needless to say, after this fortuitous meeting relationship between wife and worker was gashed. And the intermediary is none other than me. I think that for me too it is high time to become “regardant”.

As things stand, i sincerely think that the boss intend to do everything to make the receptionist resign on her own. A pleasure that the receptionist does not intend to offer… To be continued! Stay tuned for next time.

2 Responses to “Heat wave in the office!”

  1. Roushdat says:

    does any of ur colleagues read your blog? If not…is it not something that can happen?

  2. tapijo says:

    Euuhhh! Dunnot. Everything can happen. This depends on whether you know the labour law or not. If you don’t know, the boss can crush you. There are a couple of breaches in safety in the office but since the number of staff is below the number required by law to appoint a health and safety officer, the boss pa casse la tete. His motto is like this:” If you are unhappy go away”. Sad, isn’t it? Management style differs in every company.

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