Heat wave!

It’s been very very hot lately. Yesterday, i woke up at 1.00 am because it was too hot. I simply can’t sleep. I went downstairs and switched on the television. There was a french film aired and without conviction i watched it till three. Needless to say, when i woke up at seven, my eyes were very sleepy and sored. But i had to go to work. I did not do much at work, except some filing. And after 3 hours of ‘hard work’, off home. After lunch, i dashed back to my bedroom where i dozed for one hour, feeling somehow energised by that somewhat one hour rest.

Heat waves in the mean time continue to radiate through the walls and the intense light reflected from panes and white walls. Wind, please blow!! Rain please fall!! Please hear a sinner’s prayers!! Damnit i have a headache now. What’s next?

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