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Heat wave in the office!

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Not deviating from the usual posts, I have decided to write about my place of work. This time, instead of relating things that happened to me, i will be writing about the series of unfortunate events befalling a colleague.

Everything was going fine, until the day the boss’ son in law found a diskette containing the receptionist’s CV. Needless to say, the sister took knowledge of the fact, and thereafter thought that the receptionist is going to leave. The fission process  started. There was a series of remarks made on the receptionist. The funniest things about those remarks is that they were not directly made to her but through x, y, z.  When the receptionist knew of those remarks, she did not pay any slightest attention.

Yesterday was the drop which overflowed the vase. The boss’ wife barged into my office and told me that the receptionist is not doing her job properly. She was working on payroll and found out while checking the attendance book that some workers did not fill in their time slots.   The receptionist was supposed to check the attendance book to make sure that all workers filled in the slot, according to her.

The grapevine starts now. The wife phoned me later in the morning to tell me to inform the receptionist that his husband is not happy with the way things are going. Since she told me to inform the receptionist, i reported that to her. The receptionist in turn told me to inform the wife that ‘she was only helping out and if she were to do the attendance thing, her salary will have to be raised’. I communicated the reply to the wife. Upon hearing, she was shocked and dazzled. She then stormed into her husband’s office and later on, the receptionist was called into the boss’s office. We could hear loud shouts and talks. Each was replying to each other.

In the end, it was decided between the two parties that the receptionist would be tendering phone calls and checking on attendance. Later on when i queried about what was said in the boss’s office, the receptionist said that she vomited every qualms and problems she encountered during work including the heat and sunshine.  For the heat, the boss bought a stand fan (a poor palliative when considering the structure of the office), and as for the sunshine, he told her to move away from the hub. Again not a solution since between the two hubs there is a pole.  Needless to say, after this fortuitous meeting relationship between wife and worker was gashed. And the intermediary is none other than me. I think that for me too it is high time to become “regardant”.

As things stand, i sincerely think that the boss intend to do everything to make the receptionist resign on her own. A pleasure that the receptionist does not intend to offer… To be continued! Stay tuned for next time.

Hard to digest!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

For how long Mauritians will bear the ever increasing cost of living.? After the nth increase in various commodities, flour and bread henceforth weigh heavy in the the household’s basket. The traditional pain maison which was sold at rs 2.15 is now available at rs 2.65. The baguette is now priced at rs 5.50, a rise of rs 1.0. Flour per pound is selling at rs 6.90 It is to be expected that following the price increase in flour, derivatives such as dholl puri, ‘roti’, cakes will cost higher. I remember getting 10 pairs  of dholl puri with rs 30., but now with this same amount, i can get only 3 pairs,  with less dholl. The association of bread manufacturers shows some relief with the decision taken by the government but nonetheless expected a higher increase.

I think it’s high time that i bake my own bread. Some flour. yeast and water and hop everything in the oven. But with the hectic life Mauritians are, it is in silence that they will be bearing the ever increasing cost of living. What will be the next target, water?? Will there be a declic, if any?

Heat wave!

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

It’s been very very hot lately. Yesterday, i woke up at 1.00 am because it was too hot. I simply can’t sleep. I went downstairs and switched on the television. There was a french film aired and without conviction i watched it till three. Needless to say, when i woke up at seven, my eyes were very sleepy and sored. But i had to go to work. I did not do much at work, except some filing. And after 3 hours of ‘hard work’, off home. After lunch, i dashed back to my bedroom where i dozed for one hour, feeling somehow energised by that somewhat one hour rest.

Heat waves in the mean time continue to radiate through the walls and the intense light reflected from panes and white walls. Wind, please blow!! Rain please fall!! Please hear a sinner’s prayers!! Damnit i have a headache now. What’s next?

Lessons i learn from incompetency!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

It’s been 4 weeks since my boss and family left for holidays, and left some follow-ups for me to do. One of those included liasing with a freight forwarder company for delivery of a container to our premises. Piece of cake i said to myself.

I was completely wrong!!! There were some problems inherent to it. Firstly when i phoned the company, i was told there were some outstanding demurrage charges with  we did not pay, and in this context they could not deliver unless these charges are cleared. Surprises kept on coming when i further learned that the container had been in Mauritius since 36 days!!!! I was dazzled!! Why did he keep matter pending for so long? God knows. To avoid the sword from cutting my head, i smsed the boss, having in mind also that now i will ruining his holidays! Eye for an eye!!!

He replied to me two days later, urging me to contact Mrs ‘X’ telling her that we badly need the parts etc. Failing to get a positive response, the boss decided to bypass the forwarder company and use another one instead. i transmitted the message to Mrs ‘X’. The latter replied that bill has already been processed and they were waiting payment for clearing.  Needless to say, i forwarded the msg to my boss. He phoned me later on and pressed me to reply to the company verbatim, that he did not ask them to pass the bill and it is up to them to ‘demerder’ because we wanted the documents back. There was no further correspondence until my boss called me and informed me that he managed to talk to Mrs ‘X’ and that they will do needful for clearing of goods. Two weeks had already elapsed since the bill and the outstanding charges. When i phoned to enquire abt status i was told that original bill of lading was missing and that it was still with supplier. I phoned the latter and he told me that he will check. Two days after christmas and still not reply. I decided to ‘harass’ the supplier until i get a reply. He said he had sent the docs on Friday. When he faxed the AWB to me, i noticed that he sent the docs on Saturday. Needless to say, the docs reached Mauritius on Monday 31st December and we got the docs on the 3rd January 2008. The container reached our premises three days ago.

Boss reached Mauritius two days ago and asked for a feedback. I told him that container was delivered day before. He said he is very unhappy with the service provided by the company and would be meeting them as soon as he gets an updated statement. To him, demurrage was incurred because the company failed to handle an order. I was barely listening to him. Am glad he came back because the file was handled by him and returned to him. One burden less on my shoulders.

Water please!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

As you are all aware, according to the CWA, Mauritius is facing acute water shortages. The same organism predicts that the actual water levels in our reservoirs will last for two months at most, should no rain falls. There was an incident lately concerning water supply in the region of Roche Bois whereby inhabitants did not receive water supply for four consecutive days. They expressed their discontent by blocking the trunk road. The CWA reached a compromise that during the festive period, they would receive full supply and thereafter, the cut programme would be in place.

Heat and plenty of sunshine are predictions for the new year,and hopefully plenty of rain. Cockroaches are messing around lately. Does that pre-sign heavy rainfalls?  Since morning there have been spells of showers but insufficient to fill the reservoirs. They are very shy lately. El Nino?