Office party!

December, last month of the year. Also the month in which many Mauritian companies, (euuh don’t know abt the norms in the UK, US) organise their end of year dinner. The company i work in makes no exception. However it decided to host the dinner earlier than usual because the directors will be on early leave, somewhere going to Canada for vacation. So on D-day, each employee was requested to attend the dinner. I did not attend because of my exams.  Well, the dinner was quite eventful… No other words to describe.

I was told when i resume work almost one week later that two drivers were completely drunk.  They swore to their supervisor and even to the boss. It was not good sight to see that in the middle of a restaurant, among the many customers and guests, two men were at the centre stage exploding away all the griefs and discontent. Out of that, they were completely drunk that they can’t even walk. The following day, none of the drivers show up at work.

Well, today was redemption day. The boss is giving bonus. And he called the two ‘actors’. What was said in the boss’ office remain between his walls. There were some loud verbals probably the boss in turn making remarks. I was later informed that the two drivers told the boss they did not remember anything abt the aftermath of the dinner. They don’t but the boss did. There was an interesting article about office party in L’express today. So do the dos and don’t do the don’ts. That’s etiquette! Though somehow i don’t agree that at an office party there is an opportunity for promotion (i mean under the normal way, of course!!)

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