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Ass hole!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

This time, (euh no, i always do) i could resist to write on something which is happening at the office. In Mauritius we call it ‘palabre’. Gossip sounds too English. So, it all happens when the boss called me about the payment of telephone bills. He noticed that bills were too high and asked me for itemised bill. I made the request to MT. The officer in charge told me that itemised bill is charged at rs 10 per sheet +vat. So i informed my  boss who told me to go ahead. And i also made a request for call barring, for he always pesters me about calls to cellplus network should be restricted as far as possible.

When the technician dropped by, i did not notice that i was being spied by the boss’s brother in law. Upon the phone call of his sister (boss’ wife), the spy silently positioned himself behind my back and grapped everything which was being said. It was a colleague which whom i worked who later told me that i was being spied. It was confirmed by the receptionist.  That happened Friday last.

Today, the brother in law told me that someone is spending too much time outside the office and that workloads have been accumulating on the desk. I told him that i did not know about it for he does not work with me.  He continued saying that he can back him up for some few tasks but he can not continue like that.  He was starting to get on my nerves and to cut short his conversation, i replied that i would be talking to the colleague. I did when he returned and he informed me that it was the boss himself who told him to go out. My!my!

From now onwards, i am standing on my guards and restrict my conversation with the brother in law professionally. When he started to query about my whereabouts in the weekend, i told him i remained home. Period. What an asshole!

Hectic week!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Been quite a hectic week, with the server down to begin with. I had to recontact the technician who confirmed that everything was ok on Saturday when he reconfigured the system. He told me to do this and that, which after some time, i got fed up. Nothing was working. In the meantime, colleagues were starting to pester me about backlog of work. Finally, on Tuesday he showed up. I explained him the problem and he restarted to work on it. In the end, everything was up to normal and the next day he sent a invoice for work done, which i promptly slided it under the door of my boss. Today the technician popped up at the request of the boss to discuss abt the invoice. To my surprise the boss accepted to pay him the amount requested together with an annual fee for continuous support. Oh well, being a technician pays. Blue collar workers truly have a future in this country, let it be an electrician, a plumber, or even a handy man. That reminds me of the gardener in desperate housewives. I’m getting off track.

I was even surprised when the technician proposed to be a consultant re: IT matters, and even suggested protecting the server with a UPS, which the boss promptly asked me to buy one. Surprised, because one month earlier a colleague and I asked for quotations for UPS and even discussed it with the boss. The latter’s reply was that the matter was not urgent. How come that now the matter has become urgent??? Oh well, don’t try to discuss with a boss,you will lose. To end the story, btw I still have not bought the UPS. I replied that i have to ask for quotations, and i recontacted the colleague to whom i related the whole story. Even the boss’s wife was looking forward for UPS, to whom the colleague replied that quotations had been asked but that the file was in the hands of her husband.

Ruined weekend!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Weekend is supposed to have started for me today (the first of November) but it seems that it will be all ruined. Server at the company is down. Called the software programmer who took the server for diagnostics. Now he mailed me and informed me that all data on the server got corrupted. Don’t know abt any eventual backups but i am reluctant to go to the office and check that out. I told him to check that out using remote connection but i do not know whether that will work in Mauritius since broadband is quite limited.  That will leave me with one narrow hope- that he eventually got hold of the backup data and restore the database and the rest will be history. The other option is i have to physically go to the office and check that out by myself. Once i find (if i should find) the backup file, hopefully it is not big so that i could mail him.