Inaugural flight!

The inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow to Mauritius took place today. The plane,  landed at 1050 hours, was welcomed by water salute from the fire fighters in Plaisance.  Around 250 passengers were greeted by the rhytmn of the sega. Virgin has scheduled a 2 flight weekly , namely on Mondays and Saturdays, and is aiming to fulfill the 2 million tourists target by the Tourism board.

At the same time, the local pork industry is being affected a deadly African virus. Three close infected farms were identified and were quarantined. Pork breeders were reluctant to kill their herd but due to the rapid spreading of the disease, there are no other alternatives. They are however asking the minister of agro-industry a good compensation for the killed animals. A new infected area which is far remote from the infected ones has been identified and sanitary authorities are questioning the quarantine procedures.The disease may also infect the wild boars which are living in our forests. In the meanwhile, no pork in the plate.

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