A day without internet!

Today, i was not able to surf nor chat at work.. Damn it! I was so used to it. Out of the blues i decided to restart the server. I managed to open a page but after that, it was crap. So i decided to phone MT. I was redirected to Telecom Plus. I queried whether there was a problem on ADSL network and the guy on the line replied negatively. I continued talking saying that since morning, there was a pr0blem on the network. He took my number and after some time, notified me that their server at Coromandel was down and that the technicians were working on it. I continued querying the guy asking when the connection would be established. He replied that the technicians were on it and probably it would be ok sooner or later.  So that’s the reply i got for a commercial subscriber of ADSL. Satisfied? Well i hope that operators at call centres are much better than that or if that depends on me, i would switch ISP instantly.

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