It’s rare for a finance minister to go live to try to explain to the population in general about the motives behind his fiscal regimes. The fact is that his policies (such as NRPT and interest tax, to name the most cited) are not unanimously accepted by members of the majority, and by some religious groups. The special counselor to the PM, popular for his “franc parler”, even went against the finance minister and mentioned he would be organising a meeting on this matter this week. After the tug of war between the minister of education in the first place concerning the closure of the Chitrakoot primary school, the special counselor went public against Sithanen’s policies in the 2007-08 budget. Quote: “li p vers dilo par bake alor ki mo p tire dilo par lamok”.

His intervention in the press both oral and written has prompted his revocation today morning following his meeting with PM on Tuesday. The PM restated his support to his finance minister and would not be tolerating that a counselor organise a public meeting against a minister.

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