Longed waiting for its broadcast Wednesday last, the second season of desperate housewives was finally aired on Monday. As with the first episode of the first season, the first episode of the second one was very boring. The episode started with the burial of Rex, who died of heart attack in the previous season. We also know that Zach Young is the legitimate son of Mike Delfino. and that he disappeared after he attempted to kill his father.

Today, Wednesday, the national station is planning to broadcast MI-5. Let’s hope that this time, the play will be as planned.

2 Responses to “Series!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    Interesting that the MBC is broadcasting the version of Spooks aimed for the US audience under the title MI-5.

    Spooks is great. Make sure you don’t miss it!

    – Eddy

  2. tilai says:

    Watched it yesterday. It was ok. I guess one needs to see several episodes before getting really hooked onto it. The problem is that at that broadcasting time there’s another series being played on M9 or TF6 and I still prefer the satellite dish series.

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