september blues!

September already over, and we are crawling towards the end of the year. The major event is of course the submission of employees return of income tax.  The deadline which was supposed to be the 30th September has been extended till the 8th October. As usual, some tax payers wait for the last minute to submit their return. The tax authority has taken measures to ensure the smooth return of the tax form. On Monday, the MRA office was exceptionally opened till nine and there was good coordination and synchronisation among employees. So if you failed to submit your tax return, beware of penalties!!! Bulldog is watching you!

Then there is the resignation of my closest collaborator. I think i mentioned it in one of my recent¬† postings. I have to retrain a new colleague who despite having a certificate in spreadsheet, did not know how to execute a simple search command… Needless to say that there is work backlog and i had to stay after working hours. Fortunately only temporary for the sake of updating debtors statement and sending same to them. I am dying… and aching.

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