The end!


Today, I watched the fiftieth and apparently the last episode of Shijou Sailyou no Deshi Kenichi. I expected another kind of ending but guess that in martial arts, endings resemble each other. So now i must look for another anime to while away my time. Must try either naruto or one piece. Ok time to go to bed. Tomorrow another huge day. I do not know whether i can sustain the rhythm of work, now that my colleague left and another was recruited. Back to square one, with re-training.  But this is another story!!

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  1. tilai says:

    Yeah, go see Naruto or One Piece. One Piece got over a hundred episodes and Naruto over 300. And not sure it is over yet. 😀

    Both good series.

    I realised I can’t dl series with my brother’s Nomad. Connection too slow and unstable.

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