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Inaugural flight!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

The inaugural flight of Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow to Mauritius took place today. The plane,  landed at 1050 hours, was welcomed by water salute from the fire fighters in Plaisance.  Around 250 passengers were greeted by the rhytmn of the sega. Virgin has scheduled a 2 flight weekly , namely on Mondays and Saturdays, and is aiming to fulfill the 2 million tourists target by the Tourism board.

At the same time, the local pork industry is being affected a deadly African virus. Three close infected farms were identified and were quarantined. Pork breeders were reluctant to kill their herd but due to the rapid spreading of the disease, there are no other alternatives. They are however asking the minister of agro-industry a good compensation for the killed animals. A new infected area which is far remote from the infected ones has been identified and sanitary authorities are questioning the quarantine procedures.The disease may also infect the wild boars which are living in our forests. In the meanwhile, no pork in the plate.

Water cut!

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

And it begins again! Water cuts! The cut would be more drastic if it does not rain in the weeks to come. The upper Plaines Wilhems is already under diet and Port Louis too to a lesser extent. So better eat and bath early to avoid loads of dishes to wash and coming  out of the  bath with  scums.  This is the best case scenario and the worst one, waiting for drips of water out of the tap or rushing to the supermarket for litres of bottled water to prepare food. Won’t even think of other chores such as washing of clothes and the W.C. That would be a mess, eurkkk!

A day without internet!

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Today, i was not able to surf nor chat at work.. Damn it! I was so used to it. Out of the blues i decided to restart the server. I managed to open a page but after that, it was crap. So i decided to phone MT. I was redirected to Telecom Plus. I queried whether there was a problem on ADSL network and the guy on the line replied negatively. I continued talking saying that since morning, there was a pr0blem on the network. He took my number and after some time, notified me that their server at Coromandel was down and that the technicians were working on it. I continued querying the guy asking when the connection would be established. He replied that the technicians were on it and probably it would be ok sooner or later.  So that’s the reply i got for a commercial subscriber of ADSL. Satisfied? Well i hope that operators at call centres are much better than that or if that depends on me, i would switch ISP instantly.


Friday, October 19th, 2007

It’s rare for a finance minister to go live to try to explain to the population in general about the motives behind his fiscal regimes. The fact is that his policies (such as NRPT and interest tax, to name the most cited) are not unanimously accepted by members of the majority, and by some religious groups. The special counselor to the PM, popular for his “franc parler”, even went against the finance minister and mentioned he would be organising a meeting on this matter this week. After the tug of war between the minister of education in the first place concerning the closure of the Chitrakoot primary school, the special counselor went public against Sithanen’s policies in the 2007-08 budget. Quote: “li p vers dilo par bake alor ki mo p tire dilo par lamok”.

His intervention in the press both oral and written has prompted his revocation today morning following his meeting with PM on Tuesday. The PM restated his support to his finance minister and would not be tolerating that a counselor organise a public meeting against a minister.

Bonne nuit!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007





Bzzzzzzzzz! Clap! Clap!

How i hate that aspect of summer! And they dare to disturb you even if you light on your mosquito coils. Even the classical spread of mentholated jelly at the back of the ears does not work.  So i had to wake up, switch on the lights and chase for the intruders with my “bouffi” eyes. Not a single one in sight! It’s already three in the morning! Yawn!!! Off the lights!

Re  Bonne nuit!


Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Longed waiting for its broadcast Wednesday last, the second season of desperate housewives was finally aired on Monday. As with the first episode of the first season, the first episode of the second one was very boring. The episode started with the burial of Rex, who died of heart attack in the previous season. We also know that Zach Young is the legitimate son of Mike Delfino. and that he disappeared after he attempted to kill his father.

Today, Wednesday, the national station is planning to broadcast MI-5. Let’s hope that this time, the play will be as planned.

september blues!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

September already over, and we are crawling towards the end of the year. The major event is of course the submission of employees return of income tax.  The deadline which was supposed to be the 30th September has been extended till the 8th October. As usual, some tax payers wait for the last minute to submit their return. The tax authority has taken measures to ensure the smooth return of the tax form. On Monday, the MRA office was exceptionally opened till nine and there was good coordination and synchronisation among employees. So if you failed to submit your tax return, beware of penalties!!! Bulldog is watching you!

Then there is the resignation of my closest collaborator. I think i mentioned it in one of my recent  postings. I have to retrain a new colleague who despite having a certificate in spreadsheet, did not know how to execute a simple search command… Needless to say that there is work backlog and i had to stay after working hours. Fortunately only temporary for the sake of updating debtors statement and sending same to them. I am dying… and aching.

The end!

Friday, October 5th, 2007


Today, I watched the fiftieth and apparently the last episode of Shijou Sailyou no Deshi Kenichi. I expected another kind of ending but guess that in martial arts, endings resemble each other. So now i must look for another anime to while away my time. Must try either naruto or one piece. Ok time to go to bed. Tomorrow another huge day. I do not know whether i can sustain the rhythm of work, now that my colleague left and another was recruited. Back to square one, with re-training.  But this is another story!!