Hard facts!

This time, i have chosen to write on some aspects of being an expat. Personally i am not one but my brother has been away for some time in South Africa. First time he is in South Africa. We knew there is an aunt who has been living there for she married a South African. So my dad phoned her and politely asked her is she can accommodate my brother for the period of his stay in SA. She replied positively.

The first impressions my brother got when he got to her house is the fleet of vehicles in her garage, ranging from Toyota Lexus, jaguar and BMW. There is also a portfolio of apartments she rent. So as you might have guessed, she rent one of the apartments to my brother for an amount less than the market value. Fair enough!! Then after some time, she started to tell my brother that he needed to move to another apartment because she found another locataire or that her son needed the apartment.

My brother faced another problem just recently. The aunt had been asking him to move out because she needed the apartment for a friend who will be moving in at the end of the month. Yesterday, my brother informed me that the aunt removed her bed and messed with his clothes.  I have not received further updates since then. I asked him to look for another apartment till his assignment is over and then return home.

After this experience, we faced a hard fact. Relatives are only there for the sake of relatives. We can only rely on then for a temporary period.  Familiarity breeds contempt and my brother unfortunately discovered that in a foreign country. You will probably have encountered the rhetorics of foreign relatives when they left Mauritius after their stay. “Vini zot tous. Ena place kot moi” The story is another when you go over there. Perhaps I am making generalisations but it seems that is true of my family. That is why i  tend to stay away from family gatherings, especially when aunts and uncles from abroad come.

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  1. Eddy Young says:

    “Faites comme chez vous, mais n’oubliez pas que vous êtes chez moi.”

    Your aunt probably depends on renting these apartments to sustain her standard of living. It would therefore be un-realistic to expect her to put her life (and her husband’s, mind you) on hold to accommodate her nephew.

    – Eddy

  2. tapijo says:

    You are right when you said that she depends on these apartments. Hold on! Her nephew never asked to put her life on hold. But the least i would expect of someone of the same siblings is to let the transition be the least abrupt and smooth as possible. Oh well!! As you said, it would be very unrealistic!

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