Psychological profile wanted!

Geehh! It seems that I am kinda repelling all those who are working with me. This time again, my immediate right hand is leaving, for personal reasons. It seems that it is because she is returning too late and her in-law has been blaming her not to look after her kids. That should not have happened in the first place if the boss did not cancel the transport service provided to her. The motive behind the cancellation is that because she lived too far and because of her, staff is late at work. This is of course very flawed because the system has been around for years… The colleague even complained to him when the service has been canceled. She told him that he is bullying her, and that because of that she will have to leave home very early and reached home late. The boss did not even feel compassion for her. Now that she is leaving, the boss is stating the service. Is that what is called HR??? From my studies, this is called harassment. But then, what’s the point of restating the service if he wanted the colleague to leave? Is it because he wants to be the good guy suddenly????

And the funniest part is that my boss even proposed a system of flexitime to her. He does not want her to leave….What a shit!!!!! Is there a psychologist around? I could not surround the profile of my boss. Is he kinda playing some sort of game? To see the reaction of my colleague. This is very unhealthy and i wish the colleague does not fall in his trap.

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