La route aux enigmes was broadcast today. It was animated by Gilles Sooben, who also presents ‘avant premiere’ on Fridays. Well??!!! The quality of sound was very poor. We could barely hear what was saying and the communication networks between the candidates demonstrate clearly the poor infrastructure of our wireless networks. For this first show, the candidates were quite poor. The brainy candidate clearly did not know how to execute a search on the net and the presenter each time has to help her out.

To rate the show, lets say that the quality is the same as the Miss Mauritius pageant competition. The initiative was good, but i think the concept copies too much from the french show. It has to be adapted to the Mauritian concept. Clearly the spoken french was patoit like. Why not in creole? This would save us, spectators from trying to guess what is being said.

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  1. The Beaver says:

    Is this like the French show where the 2 contestants are in a chopper? I saw it only once ( I live In NA and saw it on a French channel)?

    Then it could also be like the Amazing race where the Americans are sent around the world – hopping from countries to countries by planes . They were in Mauritius for an episode last year.

  2. Yashvin says:

    lol, i posted too on this avant permiere lol…

    check it out at http://blog.yashvin.net/?p=442 wiz pictures!

  3. la route aux enigmes, another boufonnerie mbc !…

    no words apart from boufonnerie comes to my mouth!

    (sorry for quality of images)
    after watching this first series of “La route aux enigmes”, its confirmed, mbc doesnt bother about the quality of its productions or even about its honor.
    it …

  4. tapijo says:

    To beaver:
    Yeah, except that the candidates are not in a chopper but in some 4×2 double cab.
    To Yashvin:
    Hihi!! This is to confirm that MT is still lagging behind in terms of hitech. “In the car” is perhaps better.

  5. doro says:

    Please stop saying stupid things! After reading your posts I want to laugh! You are trying to act and talk like an experienced person, but it does not work in your case. You can’t imagine how funny you look. I didn’t want to say anything bad but words just came out of my mouth! You must be crazy!

  6. tapijo says:

    @doro-glad that i am making you laugh….My posts reflect my thoughts and any events which are happening in this secular island. It may appear stupid to you, fair enough… You are free to read and laugh and i am free to post.

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