Benetton again!!! The latest ads on billboards showing a woman on top of a man on a “sofa” have been censored by the Road Development Authority.

International Group Benetton started the campaign on Monday last and by Thursday, there have been representations made to the RDA.  Divisional road managers have asked the advertisers to alter the advertisement failing which the permission will be revoked as per section 22 of the Road Act. However there have been reports that even before the warning was issued, some people had been tearing the posters, in certain parts of the Plaines Wilhems regions. It’s not the first time that Benetton International shocked through its posters. There have been controversy over its campaigns using religion, sex and AIDS.

5 Responses to “Censored!”

  1. Funny how Benetton has become a household brand in Mauritius in one week. That’s what I call top notch advertising 🙂

    (More seriously, someone told me the same advert was in Dubai and didn’t provoke any negative reaction there. Are we more puritan than them???)

  2. Emmanuelle says:

    Benetton got what it wanted. In deciding to remove the ad, it got more publicity than it would have had with the ads still on boards.

  3. The Beaver says:


    You’ve got an APOLOGIST of Bennetton who said that the woman straddling a man is shown to be a dominatrix and that Mauritians are too Puritans – “Cachez moi ce sein que je ne saurais voir” disait Tartufe- but I wonder whether she is right. Even in NA, Benetton has been playing it by the “ears” …..:-)

  4. tapijo says:

    This is an international campaign. As Avinash has mentioned, if in Dubai, nothing has happened, why are we (we who aspire to bring 3 million tourists each with diverse tastes and sexual orientations) behaving like that? Enfin il faut de tout pour faire un monde.

  5. The Beaver says:

    Dubai is the Las Vegas of the Gulf where high-rollers as well as the underworld interact and intermix.
    BTW: gambling and other sins may be officially banned but many misdemeanours are quietly committed behind closed doors. Just have to see the number of ” Natashas” in the 7 -star hotel bar where prostitution is certainly big business aided and abetted by the latest technology- Bluetooth.
    It is a city that caters to the ex-pat community. Most locals live futher down and west of it.Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is interested in making money ( don’t be fooled by their semblance of religion) …
    We can’t compare the mores of a city that are focussed on a westernized ex-pat cum tourists community with those of the local inhabitants of an island. The island needs Tourism but not the “crass” one. Even the GLBT tourists do behave themselves

    This is like the “laissez-aller” of the late 70,s and 80s when every Porn producer was allowed to make movies with Mauritus as the background-all in the name of Tourism. Quite a few young Mauritian women “se sont faits avoir” par des mecs sans scrupules.

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