Employment rights bill!

Minister Bunwaree has presented a new law on employment in the Parliament.  The new bill focuses more on the employability of employees rather than the job itself. Thus job security will no longer an issue. Redundant employees will be re-molded to be employed in another sector of the economy. This practice is current in the northern European countries. Trade unions view this bill as a threat to job security in that it will prompt employers to massive redundancies. The Federation of employers on the hand fears that employees are reluctant to job mobility and to new areas of work. The employment rights bill as it is called calls for:

1. fifteen sick day leaves compared to 21 days under the current labour act;

2. 20 annual local leaves as opposed to 14 currently;

3. 5 days paternity leaves;

4. 90 hrs fortnightly, instead of the 8hr/day work.

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  1. chervine says:

    90 hrs fortnightly, instead of the 8hr/day work? which means 6 hrs per day??

  2. The Beaver says:

    Just from someone who has been away for a long time and has started to get interested again in the island 🙂
    Will this law apply also to the employees of the “FreeZone” and garment industry for e.g.?
    Are the annual local leaves in addition to the ” Public Holidays”?

    Thank you

  3. tapijo says:

    Up to a maximum of 12 hours per day. That is you are entitled to extra pay if you stay after working hours.

    The law applies to everybody irrespective of the industry. More specifically, the law has been enacted following the recent closing of free zone companies. The bill is mainly designed to help those who have been made redundant to find a job in another sector. Public holidays are not inclusive in annual local leaves.

  4. The Beaver says:

    thanks for th eupdate.
    These “benefits” are as good as what we get here in NA. Apart for some specific corporations or paragovt/ govt institutions, most people get only 2 weeks ( 10 days) vacation ( annual leave), no sick leave ( after 3 days bring a doctor certificate) , 40 day week on paper though most people do 45 -50 w/o overtime. 3 weeks annual leave after 5 yr of service .

  5. tapijo says:

    Same here for the medical certificate. But the annual leaves do not increase after x years of service. In some private companies, there is a possibility of accumulating the leaves if you do not take them. Some refund remaining leaves if you do not take all of them.

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