Dream bridge!

The dream bridge! Once again, it is brought forward, and this time it seems that our PM is lobbying strongly for this dream to come true.  As for the earlier years, there was some preliminary studies, but it goes that far. There is a consensus that this time however things might be different.  The future will tell.  Should the bridge materialise, Port Louis’ landscape will change radically.

6 Responses to “Dream bridge!”

  1. Eddy Young says:

    Clive —

    What bridge are you referring to?

    — Eddy

  2. tapijo says:

    Sorry Eddy. Did not provide much info relating to the matter. The fact is that our PM has this time decided to go ahead with the construction of a road bridge over the sea port as a means to alleviate road congestion in the morning and the afternoon. Please refer to http://www.lexpress.mu/display_archived_news.php?news_id=93020 for more info.

  3. Eddy Young says:

    Is this part of the controversy about the removal of the Caudan round-about?

    — Eddy

  4. tapijo says:

    The removal of the roundabout is not the solution for road nightmare faced by road users in the morning and the afternoon. Traffic warders do a nice job at this point. Road lights will just exacerbate the problem when appalled road users will just place their vehicles at intersections thus blocking the circulation.

  5. Eddy Young says:

    Plus, round-abouts force drivers to slow down.

  6. Stephen Naicken says:

    In Mauritius, roundabouts do not force drivers to slow down. They are just another obstacle with time bonuses if you take them fast enough.

    I look forward to the construction of the bridge.

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