Eventful day!

Today was quite eventful. It all started at six in the morning when my dad woke me up, with “difer difer”. Still dazzled, i wondered about the fuss and even tried to smell a scent of smoke. Nothing. When I stormed out of the my room, he pointed towards the windows. The scene which offered to me was barely describable. Amidst the yellow flares of streetlights, there was a huge blaze some 50 metres ahead. An intruder alarm stroke the dawn as if to warn the neighbours about the potential danger.

We ran down the stairs and got on the road. Meanwhile we could hear the firefighters sirens. There was a wooden house being eaten by the fiercely flames. The intensity of the flames had been heightened by the a windy howl.  Neighbours started to gather. All of a sudden we saw water jets on the growling flames. At first i thought it was the immediate neighbour who was trying to combat the fire. But it was the firefighters who with their hose advanced courageously towards the eaten house. All a sudden, there was a spark. The flames devoured an electrical wire and suddenly the leaves of a neighbouring tree caught fire. The firefighters immediately threw water on the tree and on the remaining sparks on the ground to end the spread.

In less than 10 minutes later the fire was completely under control and extinguished. There was a brownish smoke as the glaze disappeared. Members of the police force and the firefighters would have to enquire on the source of the fire. We could only wonder about the consequence should the fire have started when everybody was deep asleep…. Brrrr!!!! Perhaps all of ward IV would be ash by now….

The evening started after i returned home and started helping out for dinner. A horn warned me that someone was out for me. I came out and it was a driver at the company where i worked at the doors. I enquired and he told me that the boss’s wife was still at the office and she has left her keys at home or even lost them.. So i would have to return to office and close her office bureau with duplicate keys…  I swore heartily and damned the day i came to work for the company. Is this a professional attitude to give keys to x, y, z and come to office each time with the rhetoric, “mo blier mo la cle, fer moi gagne to la cle en coup”? I prefer to close my mouth and watch the show while eating pop corn. Each day there is a different scenario. You would not get bored but you would either get ulcer or “anvie de meutre”. No wonder so many co-workers left recently after a minimum of 5 years service.

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  1. Eddy Young says:

    What an eventful day indeed! I guess you had an lucky escape. It seems that the fire-fighters did an excellent job also.

  2. tilai says:

    5 years is a long time. Here in China it’s quite common for the young university graduates to change jobs within a year or within 2 years.

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