La route aux enigmes!

Media Spin in collaboration with Mauritius telecom is launching a new game ” a la mauricienne”. You have certainly heard about the show ” la carte aux tresors”,  game show presented by Sylvain Augiers, well the show has been readapted to be ” La route aux enigmes”. The principles remain the same.However instead of two competitors, the candidates will be helping each other, one will be the head and the other the legs. One will be surfing the net for info and will be communicating same to his colleague who will be on the road to look for the miles point. The candidates at the start of the game will have a credit of 10,000 points. If the candidates do not manage to solve the riddles at the end of the imparted time limit, they will be able to look for the solution but at the expense of losing the allocated points. The points which will be converted into money or prepaid phone credit at the end of the game.

The show will not be live. There will be 52 shows each lasting 60 minutes. The first broadcast will be the 31st August and thereafter on each Friday at six in the evening. So far the name of the presenter has not been finalised.

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