New comer!

Today, a new comer landed on the shores of the company. She worked for three decades in the store department at a well known wholesaler of domestic goods, and recently the company she worked for gave her VRS. Since she is still a bachelor, she quickly got bored at home and contacted our boss’s wife through her father, who happens to be a well known fruit or vegetable seller at Desforges street. So the boss decided to recruit her and instructed her to control transactions on stock items. Needless to say i was assigned to train her on the system we use to manage stock. She has a very tongue. She even advised our boss to use electronic attendance system instead of manual attendance book. As a new comer, and not to displease her, the boss told her to get a quotation.

There is no synergy between us. Hope that she will be work with me, for i do not like persons who talk too much and who ask too many questions and poke their noses in issues that are no concern to them.

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