My boss called me in his office this week. Did not know what he wanted. Must be on Wednesday. When i came in, i knew the purpose. There was a pile of papers on his office desk, and from the start of his conversation,I knew he was talking of salary review. I spent 1o mins in his office with him talking about the business environment, competition unveiling and about my performance. When i talked abt what was said in his office to the colleagues, they all told me he unraveled the same story. So instead of losing our precious times, he could at least convey us all in the board room and unleashed his lecture about competition and business environment. But i guess that he was the boss who likes to do the santa claus on this auspicious day. Some took the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction about their work,but i knew no more.

So i wanted to thank my boss for acknowledging the fact that i did an extraordinary and fantastic work (though i knew he said the same to everyone), and invite my cousins to celebrate the small rise he gave to lunch. Bon appetit!

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