Which film to watch?

Since the beginning of the week, i do not know damn shit what to watch on TV. On Monday, I do not watch surface since i do not understand what the film is about nor whether it is a black and white film. Most of time, the film in under water and don’t see damn thing. So i played a film on VCD till eleven. Then i dozed off. On Tuesday, after i watched Dr House, i tuned on channel one to watch 2 episodes of CSI.  Here again i dozed at eleven.

One would wonder whether programmes on digital tv are as diverse as the national station pretends. Is it worthwhile to buy a decoder at rs 3000 and see the same old and recurrent films? Do not mention the fact that the times of transmissions are never followed, either later or too early but never on time. You would then suggest switching to satellite dishes. Here the problem comes from the ever rising cost of subscription.  At the time of subscription, it is only a nominal fee, but the end of the day, you would feel discouraged by the pricing practices of these companies. Not to mention the fact that when a series end, it would re broadcast it over and over again. True, you get new series and recent films. There is not doubt about it.  In the end as end user you are not the king anymore. You are only a pawn in the contract binding you and the company.

What to choose? Such a dilemma.  So i end up blogging, watching movies on vcd or dvd (whatever available) to kill the time.

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  1. Yashvin says:

    blogging does kill time or even chatting on msn.

    but these days, since i started working, i dont even have time for these!

  2. tapijo says:

    Once u get in the working habits, idle time there will be.

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