The national station!

Much has been said and heard abt our PM’s visit to China, more specifically to Beijing, where he met his Chinese counterpart and the President of China. Treaties have been signed, aid donated and meeting with Mauritian students studying in Beijing possible. The interview of our PM concerning the generous donation of China has been broadcast nth times on the waves. Is that the only interview of our PM in China? There was no interview of our No. 2 who went together with No.1. Ok, I knowledge that No. 1 comes before No.2 but at least some opinions of no.2 concerning the Tianli treaty could have at least supplement the ministerial visit, otherwise propagandized as usual  by the national station.

There was a debate yesterday concerning the challenges of digital television. I did not watch the show when i learned that most of the “guests” were active actors of the national station.  I heard from the local JT that the national Station will be expanding the digital spectrum from the current six to twelve channels shortly. TV5 and BBC will be live 24 on channels seven and eight. I guess that this decision was taken mainly as a reaction to the public’s comments on the narrowing of international shows in the digital programmes. Formerly when spectators bought TNT decoders, they received six international channels, but gradually these  were being narrowed down to give room to MBC’s programmes. Let’s wait and see whether these additional channels will suffer the same fate as their former counterparts!

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