Saturday off!

Youpii!Yahoo!!! I finally have my Saturday off… It was not easy. At first i thought i did not have the guts to ask my boss. But after much encouragement by my colleagues and parent, i finally took the leap. He did not bother about it and i guess that it was because it was a Saturday and business is light on that day.

So with Saturday off, i could finally concentrate more on my studies. I went off to take coaching as early as eight. I could grap a seat when i reached the premise. If i arrived five minutes later, i could have been in the batch who was obliged to grap a chair and take notes in the classroom aisle and at the door side… The teacher was so embarrassed about the situation that he apologised to all of us. He told us that when students called him, they just enquired about the time and place of the tuition. They did not ask him whether seats was still available. One student remarked that this teach did not refuse student intake. To illustrate, he received a call during classroom hours. A student called to ask about tuition hours.  He did not even reply that there is no seat available.  After he put down his cell phone, he remarked to us that once again only time has been enquired… I know that giving tuition is a profitable business but within workable conditions. We could barely walk out if there is an urgent need.

In the end no solution was found. He tried to convince some of us to come on Sunday but i guess none of us wanted to come on a Sunday. So it will be the law of first in first seat. I left the hall at one thirty with my buttock squared and a bad headache. I felt some chillings along my vertebrates and took some aspirin and vitamin C and went to bed. It was only at six in the morning that i woke up with the ache gone.

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    I had a teacher with that kind of profile…he gives tuition at curepipe….english…

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