System prob!

Inventory count ended on Friday at about eleven in the evening. In the meantime, figures which were available were compiled into a database. The next day, all data related to the count was actively being input. The boss’s wife who was supposed to do the input, left early on Friday to turn in the next day at twelve!!! Unbelievable!!! We were already short of staff, and it is out of question that i do all the donkey work. When the boss enquired about the status of the input, i complained to him. I told him that the input of a file took at most one and half hour. There were six files which needed to be input before a variance report followed. He told me that his wife would be there any minute and indeed she turned inĀ  thirty minutes before work ends. We were nearly completing the input and decided to leave the rest to her.

When she finally ‘completed’ her work, it was already twelve thirty. Earlier the boss told me that should the input take longer, he would decide to process recount procedures on Monday. That’s most unusual of him only to understand that horse racing is in his mind. So everybody is awaiting for the recount list. When i finally compiled the work of the boss’ wife the system failed to print a discrepant list. I phoned the programmer to enquire abt the problem and he told me he could only turn in on Monday. So i informed the boss in consequence, and it was decided to do the recounting on Monday. Hopefully the programmer would turn in as promised..

I felt an inner satisfaction as i finally managed to make the boss’ wife “deranger” (for nothing, ok) Hehe!!! La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid….

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