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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Perhaps the most aired talk of the week is certainly the polemic around the Eastern Institute for Integrated learning In Management. The leader of opposition claimed that the university is in an illegal position and that it has not satisfied the requirements of the Grants Commission published in 2003 in India, with a view to protect Indian Universities and their reputation. The TEC has also been criticised in its lack of control procedures and its shallowness in the treatment of the EIILM dossier, a weakness which would finally allow the Institute to open its doors in less than eight months after its application to the TEC. The Management of the university on the other hand claimed that before the university opened its doors, it has satisfied all the requirements of the TEC and that it intends to sue the leader of opposition for defamation.. More info can be accessed here


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

My boss called me in his office this week. Did not know what he wanted. Must be on Wednesday. When i came in, i knew the purpose. There was a pile of papers on his office desk, and from the start of his conversation,I knew he was talking of salary review. I spent 1o mins in his office with him talking about the business environment, competition unveiling and about my performance. When i talked abt what was said in his office to the colleagues, they all told me he unraveled the same story. So instead of losing our precious times, he could at least convey us all in the board room and unleashed his lecture about competition and business environment. But i guess that he was the boss who likes to do the santa claus on this auspicious day. Some took the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction about their work,but i knew no more.

So i wanted to thank my boss for acknowledging the fact that i did an extraordinary and fantastic work (though i knew he said the same to everyone), and invite my cousins to celebrate the small rise he gave to lunch. Bon appetit!

Which film to watch?

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Since the beginning of the week, i do not know damn shit what to watch on TV. On Monday, I do not watch surface since i do not understand what the film is about nor whether it is a black and white film. Most of time, the film in under water and don’t see damn thing. So i played a film on VCD till eleven. Then i dozed off. On Tuesday, after i watched Dr House, i tuned on channel one to watch 2 episodes of CSI.  Here again i dozed at eleven.

One would wonder whether programmes on digital tv are as diverse as the national station pretends. Is it worthwhile to buy a decoder at rs 3000 and see the same old and recurrent films? Do not mention the fact that the times of transmissions are never followed, either later or too early but never on time. You would then suggest switching to satellite dishes. Here the problem comes from the ever rising cost of subscription.  At the time of subscription, it is only a nominal fee, but the end of the day, you would feel discouraged by the pricing practices of these companies. Not to mention the fact that when a series end, it would re broadcast it over and over again. True, you get new series and recent films. There is not doubt about it.  In the end as end user you are not the king anymore. You are only a pawn in the contract binding you and the company.

What to choose? Such a dilemma.  So i end up blogging, watching movies on vcd or dvd (whatever available) to kill the time.

Public holidays for 2008!

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Below is list of public holidays for 2008:

New year – Tuesday 1 January
New year –Wednesday 2 January
Thaipoosam Cavadee – Tuesday 22 January
Aboliton of slavery  – Friday 1 February
Chinese New year – Thursday 7 February
Maha Shivaratree – Wednesday 5 March
National day – Wednesday 12 March
Ougadi –Monday 7 April
Labour day – Thursday 1 May
Assumption day– Friday 15 August
Ganesh Chaturthi – Thursday 4 September
Eid-Ul-Fitr – Wednesday 1 October(depending on the visibility of the moon)
Divali – Tuesday 28 October
Indentured labourer day – Sunday 2 November
Christmas– Thursday 25 December

The majority of  holidays fall during the week. So most of us probably will “bridge” especially when holidays fall on Thursdays and saturdays are not working days.

The national station!

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Much has been said and heard abt our PM’s visit to China, more specifically to Beijing, where he met his Chinese counterpart and the President of China. Treaties have been signed, aid donated and meeting with Mauritian students studying in Beijing possible. The interview of our PM concerning the generous donation of China has been broadcast nth times on the waves. Is that the only interview of our PM in China? There was no interview of our No. 2 who went together with No.1. Ok, I knowledge that No. 1 comes before No.2 but at least some opinions of no.2 concerning the Tianli treaty could have at least supplement the ministerial visit, otherwise propagandized as usual  by the national station.

There was a debate yesterday concerning the challenges of digital television. I did not watch the show when i learned that most of the “guests” were active actors of the national station.  I heard from the local JT that the national Station will be expanding the digital spectrum from the current six to twelve channels shortly. TV5 and BBC will be live 24 on channels seven and eight. I guess that this decision was taken mainly as a reaction to the public’s comments on the narrowing of international shows in the digital programmes. Formerly when spectators bought TNT decoders, they received six international channels, but gradually these  were being narrowed down to give room to MBC’s programmes. Let’s wait and see whether these additional channels will suffer the same fate as their former counterparts!

Saturday off!

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Youpii!Yahoo!!! I finally have my Saturday off… It was not easy. At first i thought i did not have the guts to ask my boss. But after much encouragement by my colleagues and parent, i finally took the leap. He did not bother about it and i guess that it was because it was a Saturday and business is light on that day.

So with Saturday off, i could finally concentrate more on my studies. I went off to take coaching as early as eight. I could grap a seat when i reached the premise. If i arrived five minutes later, i could have been in the batch who was obliged to grap a chair and take notes in the classroom aisle and at the door side… The teacher was so embarrassed about the situation that he apologised to all of us. He told us that when students called him, they just enquired about the time and place of the tuition. They did not ask him whether seats was still available. One student remarked that this teach did not refuse student intake. To illustrate, he received a call during classroom hours. A student called to ask about tuition hours.  He did not even reply that there is no seat available.  After he put down his cell phone, he remarked to us that once again only time has been enquired… I know that giving tuition is a profitable business but within workable conditions. We could barely walk out if there is an urgent need.

In the end no solution was found. He tried to convince some of us to come on Sunday but i guess none of us wanted to come on a Sunday. So it will be the law of first in first seat. I left the hall at one thirty with my buttock squared and a bad headache. I felt some chillings along my vertebrates and took some aspirin and vitamin C and went to bed. It was only at six in the morning that i woke up with the ache gone.

Flambee de l’essence!

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

As from today, 3rd July 2007. price of petrol per litre has risen to Rs 39, which represent a 20% increase. As for diesel its price has risen only by 4.76% to reach Rs 29.70. The price increases have been decided following the meeting of APM (Automatic Pricing Mechanism), which was held yesterday. The rise has been justified following the global crises in petroleum products-the strike in Nigeria, the geopolitical problems in the mid east and the ever increasing demand from India, China and the USA. Oil barrel has reached USD 70 on the global market.

There is a growing concern among the public about the eventual rise of domestic gas also in October. It is common to see gas stations close earlier when there are speculations about price increase thereby increasing their windfall gains.  Thus as usual, consumers get penalised. The price of petrol has reached its peak of Rs 40.60 in October 2006 while that of diesel was Rs 32.75 in Jul 2006 before both begin fluctuating again..

System prob!

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Inventory count ended on Friday at about eleven in the evening. In the meantime, figures which were available were compiled into a database. The next day, all data related to the count was actively being input. The boss’s wife who was supposed to do the input, left early on Friday to turn in the next day at twelve!!! Unbelievable!!! We were already short of staff, and it is out of question that i do all the donkey work. When the boss enquired about the status of the input, i complained to him. I told him that the input of a file took at most one and half hour. There were six files which needed to be input before a variance report followed. He told me that his wife would be there any minute and indeed she turned in  thirty minutes before work ends. We were nearly completing the input and decided to leave the rest to her.

When she finally ‘completed’ her work, it was already twelve thirty. Earlier the boss told me that should the input take longer, he would decide to process recount procedures on Monday. That’s most unusual of him only to understand that horse racing is in his mind. So everybody is awaiting for the recount list. When i finally compiled the work of the boss’ wife the system failed to print a discrepant list. I phoned the programmer to enquire abt the problem and he told me he could only turn in on Monday. So i informed the boss in consequence, and it was decided to do the recounting on Monday. Hopefully the programmer would turn in as promised..

I felt an inner satisfaction as i finally managed to make the boss’ wife “deranger” (for nothing, ok) Hehe!!! La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid….