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Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Yesterday I was totally stunned and at the same time annoyed by what my boss told me. A girl has been working for the company since 6 years and what the boss has in mind is to morally discouraged her to make her leave on her own. When i heard that, i was speechless. i did not know this kind of personality existed in him. What the proverb says about the longer you acquaint/know a person is very true.

From rumours, i heard that he is not a very “reconnaissant” person. That is subject to debate as one would say you are being paid to do a job and that’s all count. Now i know that is not an unfounded rumour for i personally experienced it.   The colleague in question did not get a salary rise for the past years let alone an allowance from the former financial controller. I guess that’s the gift we all get when we have been doing so much for a company. Fortunately for the colleague she applied for another job and she was accepted and she resigned today.

My boss was quite happy with his strategy. He did not even care to ask where she was going to work. My boss asked her whether she was leaving immediately. The colleague diplomatically replied that she was giving 15 days notice.  Guess what was his reply? He ironically said thank you….Now he did not even want to see her in the office let alone for handing over. I did not know I was working for such an asshole…. God why do i have to go through all this ordeal??? Is the world full of assholes of this category???