Rainy Saturday!

Nasty Saturday!! It rained all day long. Not a day to put nose outside. Funny thing today! There was a power cut yesterday, and as a result one server was down. The server happens to be in the boss’s wife office. The wife happens not to work on Saturdays. I took no attention to what is happening around as i do not often work on the server. Calls came reporting on the problem. Busy like i am, i told my colleagues to inform the boss. Shortly after, my boss came up to me and said that someone will come up with the keys and if i could reset the server. He continued saying that i must ensure that everything is ok since he will be working on the server tomorrow. I replied ok.

The person concerned called in with the keys at twelve. i promptly reset the server and asked those who use the system whether they have access. Having got a positive reply, i continued with my work.Two minutes before the 1230, my boss cropped in and asked if everything is ok.  I replied positively and continued that should there be a power cut, he will be needing to reset the server thus removing the blame on me should there be a problem later and thus avoiding him to call me on a sunday. He smiled (think he drank yesterday, because when he drank he always got that euphoric smile).
I showed him how to do it, and he left…

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