nasty friday!

What a nasty Friday! I am now alone working in the accounts department. Yeah! At last, me alone and with all the workloads. I got a compliment recently that i am doing to get depressed. I am actually performing the work of 3 persons. What a hercules you will say!!! Shit!! i am not outperforming. On the contrary, i am slow pacing. Things my boss tells me to do, i report to him in 3 hours or never at all. And when he came to me, i took the face of someone who is really tired with my desk table full of papers. His wife told me whether i can cope with all the workloads. I am speechless!!! What can i say? Yeah!! I can, and that I am a superman. She told me that her husband is actively looking for someone who can assist me. The following profile is required:

1. Good education;

2. Good mentality;

And.. that’s it. Like if all the previous workers did not suit the profile. Well, it will take some time before the rare pearl actually shows up. So in the meantime, i will be working alone for some 3 months minimum. If i am lucky, i will get my assistant in one year’s time. I am acutely aware of the lapse time between what  the boss says and the actual reality… So i am down to earth with no real impression that he is doing something.
Facts are as follows:

1. Statements of debtors not yet printed (put priority on that because cash flow is not very good);
2. My pc failed. Think the board has “briller”. On Monday to phone the technician to take my pc to the lab, and hopefully if it is not serious, to add additional ram;

3. Creditors which already need to be paid are still unpaid. Cheques are not prepared as yet. Prepare myself on Monday for angry calls and retaliation from creditors;
4. Batches of invoices and files to check;

5. Filing need to be done;

6. My cash box is empty.Need to replenish on Monday;

7. Need to input all purchases for the month of May and at the same time purchases for June;

8. Prepare VAT return for May;

9. Pay cell phones bills as some will be due shortly.;

10. Oh yeah! Completely forgotten. We are returning to manual invoicing. As such i need to input all the invoices manually into the accounting system at least figures for debtors and sales. To remember to input on a weekly basis starting next week.

Well that was my load list. Not much you would say. The preparation of payments to creditors took me at least a whole day, with all the disruptions around.

So if i do not get a depression and shout around, maybe i would be still blogging around.

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