It’s one thirty in the morning and it is getting very early. I could not sleep so drop a couple of words here and there, till the sleep takes over. Budget speech will be delivered in some ten to twelve days’ time. In the meantime, while the minister of finance is busy preparing his dossier, our PM went to Hull to meet investors. Well in brief, he does not guarantee sunshine when they will be coming to dodoland, but what he did guarantee was the turquoise sea and the warm welcome of we folks (dixit Navin). Needless to say, there was broad coverage of his intervention at each of his moves.
Heard on the waves that the university of Hull will be offering three scholarships to Mauritius. Do not have all the details. Only grabbed that one will be for post graduate studies. I understand our PM graduated from Hull. Can this be a coincidence?

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  1. /dev/random says:

    Any guarantees that the scholars who are awarded the Hull scholarships will return to Mauritius? I heard some Mauritian students talking on the news about how they were keen to return to Mauritius after their studies and how they wanted to give something back to their country. Personally I think they were talking rubbish. We all know that most decide to leave Mauritius. What a waste of money the laureates are, we should be putting that money into the UoM.

    Hull is pretty rubbish place, I’m surprised they have any money to invest at all.

  2. tapijo says:

    Hmmm, rubbish?? I won’t use such qualifying word. In the world of human relations, one often have to say what the others want to hear.

    During interviews, to the question why are you choosing this field of study, is one not supposed to bluff in order to obtain the bursary??? I think the panel (consisting mainly of government representatives) would appreciate something patriotic rather than an answer based on oneself.

    It’s the human nature to be selfish. If provided with an opportunity, won’t you also leave and try on a hopefully ‘greener’ place??

    Thanks for sharing your views on Hull 🙂

  3. /dev/random says:

    Hmmm now I know where I went wrong, I must be more patriotic! I agree with you that their first priority is themselves. I just hate being force fed too many sweet cakes!

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