The body of Patrice Merle, ex-RCPL student was found in his room on Thursday at Warwick university. He was ranked fourth after the national scholars and was awared an Australian scholarship. But wanting to pursue further studies in the UK, he had had to bear all the costs of studies and accommodation by himself. He left for the UK in 2002.
His suicide was explained in a letter whereby the constraints of work and studies worn him out. Friends and parents could not explain the reason for this desperate act. The news of the dramatic event moved staff and students at RCPL as well as those studying in the UK. Patrice’s parents are due to fly to the Uk where the authorities would conduct an autopsy.

2 Responses to “Suicide!”

  1. Fadil says:

    This is really really sad. I knew Patrice since primary school at Notre Dame de La Paix RCA. We were in the same class in STD V and CPE. Moreover, we both found ourselves at RCPL afterwards. Although we weren’t close, the news of his suicide was a real shock!

  2. tapijo says:

    News of the death or ill-fatedness of someone close is not always easy. Somewhere i guess that those who acquainted Patrice felt the same…

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