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Sunday, May 27th, 2007

The body of Patrice Merle, ex-RCPL student was found in his room on Thursday at Warwick university. He was ranked fourth after the national scholars and was awared an Australian scholarship. But wanting to pursue further studies in the UK, he had had to bear all the costs of studies and accommodation by himself. He left for the UK in 2002.
His suicide was explained in a letter whereby the constraints of work and studies worn him out. Friends and parents could not explain the reason for this desperate act. The news of the dramatic event moved staff and students at RCPL as well as those studying in the UK. Patrice’s parents are due to fly to the Uk where the authorities would conduct an autopsy.

Mo la gorge fer mal!

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Mo la gorge p fer mal. Pourtant mo pa fine mange narien ki pourrait nuire a la gorge. Gramatin mo fine mange frites. Pa dire moi a cose sa li fer mal….Mo bien croire mo p gagne la grippe. Mo nez nez p commence couler. Bien bisin mange en orange u bien boire en comprimer vitamin c. Zordi mo patron in crier moi pou rester 15 minutes dan so biro air conditioner. Mo bien croire tou o long lanner li gagne chaud. Zamais li teigne air con la. La kaz osi li met air con la a fond.

Ti ena en mini presentation lor pastel. En consultant in vini ec fine present sa produit la. Bon li pa fine bien define ban parametres la ec ti ena bcp erreur. A la fin mo fine plein ec mo fine sorti. Zistement mo truv mo pc in teigne. Mo put the blame on the ups who might rane lecorps, but when i look at the server, i noticed that it is still running. Strangely enough, my printer also won’t light. I don’t know what took me to look in a ‘cupboard’ encastrer in the wall. I opened it and there i saw some electrical connections. One of the breaker switch was down. Brilliant like i am, i could not help myself lifting it. To my happiness my printer momentarily lighted and the switch re-came down. Tried a couple of times to no avail. Tomorrow will be buying a new breaker and have it installed. So i switched off the lights and went home. Work fini pou vendredi. Samedi demain ec dimanche apres. Apres la fin la semaine pou rentre dan juin. Deja mi lanner ec bate liyeux ancore pou ena linventaire….Apres bate li yeux ancore noel ec bananer…

Sad world!

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Short of ideas lately. Time flies really fast. Batte li yeux and it’s already six in the afternoon. Winter is edging in though only it felt only cold in the evening and the morning before the sun rises…

My boss has a particular way of ‘punishing’ those who did not turn in for work. A colleague did not turn in for two days because she was sick. Well, he did not speak to her when she ‘reappeared’. She is responsible for a file and she usually has a meeting with him once a week. Well it appears that he reverted that work to someone else, who during those two days harassed me for files and invoices etc… What a pain!! Mo fine dance toupie pendant 2 zours la…

My boss has a policy of “no-one is irreplaceable in a company”, even if that someone has worked for more than 8 years for him. He could always find someone cheaper to do the same job. Modern management?  Despite what has been said about the importance of resources and all the literature around, it seems that most companies do not even care about retaining those resources. The cost-benefit analysis will always have a say, and as usual, it will always be beneficial to let go of an experienced workforce…for an inexperienced one. What a sad but realistic world!!!

Work overload!

Friday, May 11th, 2007

Been quite some time since i posted. Reason? Well i could put forward a number of them but the main one (of course it is the main) is work overload. Yes!! Again!!! It so happened that a colleague resigned abruptly after the boss yelled at him in front of a number of co-workers. Disgusted that (1) the fault was not his, and (2) did not appreciate the fact that the yelling was done ‘publicly’, he did not turn to work for two days, and on the following Monday, the boss received a resignation letter. No handling over was done whatsoever. So the remaining of us has to share the task of that fellow.

Additionally the boss has appointed me to audit the work of that colleague since January when he took over his job. I knew the hell of work that it would take and i replied negatively. He looked concerned but i remained stoic. He said that he would ask another colleague to help me, and called over that colleague. He restated the problem to her and guess what she replied?? It was already 1645 and she was one among those who usually left early.

Happy to receive such an enthusiastic reply, he continued that he would not impose a deadline to us but that the sooner the work is done the better….

In the meantime, the colleague went to ‘bureau du travail” and complained that the company did not pay him his salary. The officer in charge phoned the company and asked to talk to the boss, who did not answer the phone. So a recommended letter reached the  boss next saturday. Furious, the boss screamed that he would “mine la vie” of the ex-colleague. So he called the assistance of a consultant and informed that he wished to prosecute the colleague for non-submission of work notice as stipulated by law. The consultant took notice and went for consultation with the officers of the “bureau travail”. What he did not know is that the colleague mentioned to the officers that he worked a number of times after working hours and did not receive a penny in return.

Faced with this issue and considered the fact that in the eyes of the laws, non payment of overtime hours is “illegal”, the boss disappointedly finally decided to pay the colleague after deducting a loan he took.  Like the consultant said : “un mauvais arrangment vaut mieux qu’un proces”. The end..