Filling stations have decided to limit their opening hours according to the time prescribed by the law. As from the 13th May, the Petrol Retail Association has decided not to work beyond normal working hours.
The main reasons behind this resolution are:
1. the profits on sales of petroleum products are so minimal (2.8%) that this should not encourage them to work late at night;
2. Additional expenses on running the station at night and electricity consumption;
3. Risk of being robbed.
The association saw in the use of credit card a deterrent to the robbing but here again there is the issue of commission fees charged by banks. The issue of stopping to sell household gas was also in the agenda. An appeal has been sent to the government to revise their margin.
Should the resolution be followed by all the 76 stations, the revised opening hours should be as follows: 7 am to 8 pm during the week, and 7am to twelve on sundays and holidays.

2 Responses to “Blackmail!”

  1. tilai says:

    Not many stations were open very late at night anyway. And the one in Coromandel (?) was often the site of holdups. So it’s not surprising they want to close for the night. But it’s going to be hard for those who like to go out at night if they suddenly realise they didn’t fill up their tank during the day. That has happened to me on a couple of occasions before. Busy during the day, then when you think about gas, it’s too late. The stations are already closed.

  2. tapijo says:

    The only filling station which is opened late is that of Indian Oil situated at Petite Riviere. As consequence of this decision, it remains to be seen whether Indian Oil station will follow suit.

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