New series on thrills!

I think i will start a new series on the thrills and adventures i experienced at my place of work. As you may already be aware (i mean if you followed my adventures till now), I have a funny boss. Two weeks ago, he called me (it was a Monday morning), informing me that he had a meeting with his boss in the weekend. Yes, he too has a boss!!! His boss happens to be his brother. In his private meeting, big B told him that there needs to be someone worthy to keep a watch on all the investment being made in spareparts. It so happens that two names have been spelled out, mine and his (my boss’s name). Since i already told him i won’t be able to do two different kind of chores at the same time, he did not insist and volunteered himself to do the watchman. In the end, i wondered why he told me this “secret”. Was that some kind of reverse psychology so that i would volunteer myself to do my old job? i don’t know.

I am not surprised that he invented the part of the story that his brother mentioned my name. One day he smsed me telling me that he won’t make it to the office for he suffered from chronic diarrhea. I even sympathised with him, replying to take care. Two days later, i was told that on the particular day of the supposedly diarrhea, the patient  was enjoying himself in a five star resort on the west coast of the island. Ouahh!!! What a big liar!!!
Well i guess i will end this series for now. I will continue with more adventures and hopefully more thrills next time.

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