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Gamede aftermath!

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Did not have much time lately. Since I took over the accounting functions, I can no longer chat nor check my mails during working hours. Moreever, the office i occupied smelt rotten fish aftermath Gamede. The side walls leaked and to make matters worse, the sun rays are very shy. I had to open the windows and humidity is very high. I had to bear the sounds of the motor vehicles roaming on the main road.

Today, it so happened that i saw the ressemblance between my boss and my ex-boss. When you admitted you made a mistake, he will at length take the role of a teacher. Oh my god!!! No need to mention the fact that he took a real pleasure to ‘teach’ you. I sometimes wonder whether this is some kind of predestined fate to meet such rare birds… Oh boy, guess that’s life. Like a roller coaster.